Friday, July 29, 2016

Update: Injury Woes

When it rains, it pours. Getting really old having to put one of these what is happening type posts. So, last week was not a success. Pain came back but not as bad. I had hoped that getting a deep tissue massage would help but it didn't. That was Monday. Monday started off real bad with getting an e-mail when I woke up that my strength coach no longer wanted to work with me and closed my account. I was just starting to feel good and bring back my confidence after having serious doubts for about a month now. Really felt like a punch in the gut and felt queasy and almost threw up when I got it. 18 months of assistance gone. Still feel hurt and angry and confused about it. Mentally, I didn't have anything to fight back the aches and pains and Tuesday I went to bed without eating. Been depressed big time. Seeing people being active and watching the cobwebs and rust build on my strength equipment in the garage. Been getting fixated on certain songs and listening to them on repeat for days at a time. Maybe trying to find meaning in them or some way of calming myself down. Which brings me to today. Scheduled with orthopedic doctor again and got to see my MRI. Obviously the person giving the results on the phone didn't know what they were talking about as I do have a bulging disc in my L5. It is bulging to the left and would explain the pain as it is pinching the nerve. So in less than a week, I'm scheduled for an epidural injection. Could take more than one. Anywhere from 8-12 weeks or up to 9-12 months for recovery. I can't deny that I'm scared. I have a lot to process and think about.

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