Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 27, 2016 – Week 6, Day 4

Dynamic Warm-ups

Truck Pulls
18,000x60’ in 21.55 seconds
18,000x60’ in 20.20 seconds

17” Frame Deadlift
No Straps
Added Straps

Sandbag Carries
200x50’/225x50’/250x50’ in 41.18 seconds
200x50’/225x50’/250x50’ in 39.18 seconds

Keg Tosses (15’)
half kegx1 (1 attempts)
half kegx2 (3 attempts)
half kegx3 (3 attempts) in 10.45 seconds
half kegx2 (3 attempts)

43 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: A rare opportunity presented itself this training cycle; a chance to train on the contest equipment. Normally, it doesn’t happen so diligent week to week work is the name of the game. This was too good to pass up so this week’s training go modified to make this a semi contest run. Plan was to hit 90-100% of contest weight for 1-3 runs. I didn’t plan on doing any axle work as I already hit that and upper body pretty good this week. Went out to BA Athletics to train with my sister (also prepping for this show). Started things off with truck pull. Semi-truck without the trailer so still quite a bit under the proposed contest weight. It was harder to get it moving than the car at home but once it did, I was smooth sailing. Easier than what I’ve been doing at home. The course should be good. I gave it another go as I wasn’t satisfied with my start and I improved my time by over a second. Up next was the frame deadlift. I kind of knew what this one would be like so I was ready. Or so I thought. I found out quick that I couldn’t grip it like I did farmer’s walk if I wanted to be in a good position to rep the weight. I definitely makes the pick easier but it gets you off balanced and it comes down uneven. Good to know that now rather than finding out as I go. I probably would have just done one set but my belt popped loose after and fell off so I cut the set short. I overcompensated a little by making my belt tighter on the other set and I kind of passed out after finished. Got to find a happy medium. Not my limit for sure, saving reps in the tank for when it matters. Next was sandbag carries. They didn’t have the actual contest weights so rather than setting up the event (50’/30’/10’) I just took the three heaviest bags and carried them all for 50’. Not much to think about here but I wasn’t really tired or anything from these. I did a second set because I felt like I was lazy with the last sandbag and because I felt like I needed to put them all back. Improved my time by two seconds (even went a little further on distance). Then on to the kegs. There were supposed to be quarter kegs but they weren’t brought down to the facility so it was just three half kegs. Not a problem really as it would give me an opportunity to practice multiple kegs in succession. I could easily see where my one keg situation is good but not great. I’m hesitant to move to the next keg as I’m worried that my toss didn’t go over. My first attempt of the three-in-a-row didn’t work out as the second keg missed but I finished up with getting one more over. I took another crack at it and got them all over but I knew I was still hesitating. I tried once more and I was doing really well but I rushed the last one. I couldn’t find the handles and I panicked and tried tossing it with what I had. Keg flew out of my hands and right into the people watching inside. Keg hit my sister in the shoulder (she’s doing fine, just a bruise). I figured it was time to call it a day there. Got home and had to stretch a lot. Not as beat as I thought I would feel. Another hard week of training and then time for the tapering.

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