Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 26, 2014 – Week 1, Day 3

Plans change and I got to be prepared for adjustments when need be. Can't expect 15 weeks of no deviation as outside forces will intrude. The initial plan had been to do stones to high platforms but due to a lack of foresight and planning on my part, didn't happen. I haven't trained stones at the new Ironmill so I wasn't sure on the rules for events as neither of the owners were there. I didn't get a response until it was too late but I should have asked well in advance rather than the day of to be safe. At least I know for the future.

Dynamic Warm-ups

7-Second Runs

Vehicle Pushes

28 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: As mentioned above, the plan had been stones but that didn't pan out so Plan B was yoke. Now, seeing as how I did heavy rack pulls this week and this would be my first session with the yoke in about 8 weeks, it made no sense to go heavy. Name of the game with yoke now is speed. At big shows, I finish the course but I'm usually the slowest. The new thing I'm trying with yoke is not so much completing the course with heavier and heavier weight like when I first started but timing my work sets and setting time limits to complete the task. Rather than taking say over 2 minutes to shuffle 1000lbs 50' with infinity drops but limit times to less than 20 seconds. Continue to work on speed and not get as beat up from the pounding of supramax weights. Biweekly yoke workouts I think will do, one lighter speed based and the other heavier. Both will be time/distance based. So speed session it is for this workout. I've seen speed training methods for yoke before that use like 50% - 60% for set distance or say volume work of 70% for multiple sets with short rests. However, the method I'm using is the one I think makes the most sense too me. Chad Wesley Smith appears to be the originator of this method. He looked at the person with the fastest yoke time for a set distance and aimed to move weights that distance or greater within that time limit. Alan Colley did a 950lbs yoke for 50' in just under seven seconds. The training weights would then be whatever could be done for at least 50' in seven seconds. If you can't make at least 50', you stop there for the day. I've done ten second runs before for 50' but I think that time limit should be used for a bit longer distance. So that was the basis for this workout. 400lbs was where I started and that was too light. I went further than the distance I listed because I couldn't hear my sister yell stop. I was able to measure back to where time ran out. I messed up my start on that one as well but the weight was so light it didn't matter. The next jump up was better. Trying to also practice my setup and timing my start with the commands as well. Too many mistakes with 680lbs as I scraped the ground twice. Just shy of 50' but that was going to be my last set anyways. From there, I went with vehicle pushing. We used to have a bigger truck so this one had to do. Fairly short rests on these and my legs were dying by the end.

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