Friday, July 4, 2014

July 01, 2014 – Week 5, Day 1 & July 02, 2014 – Week 5, Day 2

Feel off the wagon and was trampled by the carriages behind me last week. My back did not appreciate the beltless deficit pulls and I eventually took the week off to rest, finally getting in to get a deep tissue massage on Saturday. I only had an hour but she kept me an additional 20 minutes no extra charge because she said I really needed it. So, lost a week really and deviated some more from the plan with this week as well.

July 01, 2014 – Week 5, Day 1

Dynamic Warm-ups

Safety Squat Bar Squats
450x2 PR+1 rep & 5lbs

Ugly Glute Ham Raises

Power Squats

26 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Worked out at Ironmill. I moved Day 2 to Day 1 to see if this would allow for more recovery before the deadlift and events at the end of the week. Super sweaty workout again. So many calluses and dead skin coming off my hands with all the sweating. Legs felt good so I was hopeful of hitting something big. Not so much with the upperback holding up though as I felt like I was getting pitched forward with 415lbs. That is my best set of 5. Ended up with a solid first rep with 450lbs but a super grinder to get a double. No reason to even try to get a third so I racked it. Didn't get what I wanted but hell, it is a double with my previous 1rm. The next lifts were to be hip thrusts and abs. I didn't do that as was of the thought that hip thrusts weren't of much value for me where I suck for deadlift so I went with doing what I could on the ghr. Trying to at least make the negatives perfect and do what I could to come back up. Rather than abs, I tried out the power squat machine. I don't think I ever really did one of these before. I know there was one at my high school but it was only for the football team to use. I liked them but not sure how to fit them in.

July 02, 2014 – Week 5, Day 2

Dynamic Warm-ups

2 3/8" Thick Bar Strict Presses w/ Chains
No Chains
Add Chains (+116lbs)

Axle Seated Lockouts (forehead height)
225x5 PR+1 rep
235x5 PR+15lbs

Dumbbell Bench Presses
80'sx8 (paused)

32 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: More deviation. The original plan was push press for 2rm followed by the usual stuff. Legs were dead so wasn't keen on trying push pressing. My bad on doing the squatting. I figured strict pressing with my chains would be similar but I didn't want to use my axle or a barbell as I have PR's there and the name of the game was to improve and not focus on negatives. So I went with my hollow thick bar that I have no chain press records on. Much harder on the wrists than I would have thought so I had to bring out my wrist wraps as I got up in weight. Solid work with 165lbs double but ugly single with 180lbs. Moving on. I used my axle for the lockouts rather than a barbell. My next hopeful show is axle press but I should stick to the plan for next time. These went well and I was happy improve from last cycle. Went over to Ironmill for dumbbell benching. They have dumbbells up to 150lbs and I was thinking I'd need the heavier stuff to get in a solid workout (only up to 120lbs at the Y). I rarely did dumbbell bench, usually it was overhead or incline with dumbbells. I don't even have any PR's in my logs for dumbbell benching so that in itself is surprising. I had a tougher time than I expected though. I'm not sure what happened with my first set with 120lbs but I never felt comfortable and missed a 5th rep. Not pleased but managed to get seven the next time. I dropped down in weight to do paused reps. This needs work.

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