Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 22, 2014 – Week 1, Day 1

Dynamic Warm-ups

12" Rack Pulls w/ Chains (Squat Bar)
No Chains
Add Chains (+84lbs)
Add Straps

3" Platform Sumo Stiff-legged Deadlifts (straps)

Spider Rows

25 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Starting again after the last two weeks and hopefully no stalling this time. Back to singles training and I had something to prove to myself. Playing with fire again going with pulls. Plan was to do low pin rack pulls with chains. First thing is I didn't have as much chain as I thought I would but that was no big deal. Using the squat bar for my rack pulls. The other issue was that the chains were not loading properly from just the floor so I had to stand on mats to get the chain to hit at the right time and to get near the full weight at lockout. As I said, I had something to prove here as I had missed a 565lbs deadlift six days prior and I spent every day since reading what I could and reviewing old videos to see what is going wrong. I took that knowledge and applied it to the session. I like singles as I can focus on just that one lift and get it right. I ended up doing 475lbs with the chains double overhand on the squat bar so good things happening with the grip. I managed the 565lbs and I knew I had a little more left in the basement. Went with 580lbs so that it was just over 661lbs at the top. Perfect weight to end it. I made sure I was ready to go and my left shoulder cramped up a tad when I shook the bar to let it know I was coming. 15lbs more than what I failed at last week with chains and from a spot where my pull is weak no less. Good place to start. Moved on to sumo sldl work off the platform. No hard belt here and used a regular bar. I've done more weight but that was with a deadlift bar and from the floor. Worked hard on keeping the back as flat as I could and using my hips, hamstrings and abs to move the weight. Last set was definitely near the limit. Had to do some warm-up for the next one; spider rows. I think I tried them once before perhaps 12 years ago so pretty much a new lift for me. Feels really weird pulling from off to the side to get the weight in to place for rowing but I got the hang of it by the end.

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