Friday, March 2, 2018

March 1, 2018 – Week 3, Day 2

5 Minutes Precor AMT

Leaning Calf Raises

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

16” Box Squats

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

Band Rows


Hip Airplanes (supported)

Biceps Stretches
20 Seconds
20 Seconds

Axle Push Presses

Squats to 16” Box

Wide Grip Deadlifts w/ bands (straps) (band tension = 99lbs)


Comments: Last day of the pills given after the MRI. Still got to watch the biceps. Really hope recovery picks up these next two weeks. Feeling wandering aches and pains. No real cause I think. Feeling it in old injury sites (lower back, SI joint, hamstring, shoulders). Weather has really been fluctuating so maybe that has something to do with it. Or that yoke beat me up haha. Warmed up on the AMT. 154bpm highest reading. No aches ore anything so that’s good. Calf raises were easy, just tight. Hips felt tight on the wide stance box touches. Box squats felt pretty good considering things. A little achy in the knee on the right side but nothing major. Regular style box touches felt ok. Band rows were good and easy. Felt the back muscles. Push ups were ok. Thankfully no shoulder aches today. I was thinking with my shoulders feeling tight but nothing. Hip airplanes I rushed them a little. Lost balance on one rep on the one side. Hips were tight, definitely needed to do these. Finished up the prep with biceps stretches. Hopefully the right shoulder/side will relax. Then on to the weights. First item up was axle push press. Same as it has been so far. Warm-up and then start light with 20lbs jumps. I’m a bit further longer than expected at this point. Goal is no “helicoptering grinders” but I’ve been trying to keep it to either limit based off a planned weight or when I feel it isn’t technical perfection. I added in belt and wrist wraps over the sets this time. Nowhere near my max on these still. Felt very explosive and powerful on the first single. Trying to get the weight to go back and not out in front. 210lbs went out in front but it’s so easy that I can compensate. Tried to focus on that for the singles after that. Had everything on for 270lbs. That one also went out in front on the drive. Still went up easy but shut it down here. Got to keep drilling this with log. Every session to get this pressing to be instinct. The squats were next. Same style of squatting to the box and using that as the switch. I think the controlled negatives is really helping me build my back and lower body. I was leery about these as last time this was rough haha. But I think I learned from the previous session so it went better. Using the odd weights since I had my collars with me to keep it based off the percentages. Same as last time but another set of five with more weight added. 371lbs felt a lot easier this time. But the set with 424lbs felt harder than 371lbs felt last time. Hard to move that weight fast with the reversal but I’ll get there. Third rep I got pitched forward a little. But I’m in control. Finishing up the day with wide stance (Shaw Style) deadlifts against bands. I like these and I hope they continue to help me improve my deadlifts. I had the setup nearby so I didn’t have to have too much rest from the squats. Tape on my right shin to keep from bleeding again. I put the bands on from the start and did plate jumps to the working weight. This was supposed to be a weight I did last cycle before I got beat up and then injured. So I really wanted a crack at 315lbs. I knew it might be rough going up 40lbs from last time. Really working on getting this down pat. Pulling the bar tight to my body on the negatives and trying to keep my body rigid and in position. No reset at the bottom just hovering there and delicately touching the ground. Negatives take a lot out of me on these as the pull itself feels easy. Home to stretch, eat and massage before getting some sleep.

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