Wednesday, January 24, 2018

January 23, 2018 – Week 9, Day 1

5 Minutes Precor AMT

Leaning Calf Raises

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

16” Box Squats

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

Band Rows


Hip Airplanes (supported)

Seated 12” Log Presses (no back support)


Seated 12” Log Lockouts (1” above head)

Precor Chest Presses


Comments: Before the workout have to discuss the results of MRI. Follow up was on 1/22/18 and determination was nothing structurally wrong with the biceps or shoulder. There was a bone contusion on the back of shoulder but not surprised by that from all the circus dumbbell work last year and having switched up the form on that side. Doctor felt I should have no problem competing on 2/10/18. Still pain in the right shoulder and biceps is hesitant to exert effort. But getting better in the biceps. Given prescription for anti-inflammatories to take. Not the same stuff as I was given for the wrist issue. Talked about injection but that wasn’t really an option. Why a quick fix, it would weaken the tendon which is not something I need right now haha. Advised to try and avoid overdoing on the biceps and let pain be my guide. So happy to have that news. On to the workout. Warmed up on the AMT. Heart rate peaked at 160bpm. Felt good every besides biceps. It was a being a little crampy. Calf raise work after that. Some pressure in the palms. Box touches with a wide stance after that. Good, snappy response in hips. Box squats felt good. Felt easier to get my upper back and shoulders in the squat position as if I had a bar on my back. It was tougher to do that last week. Then regular stance box touches. Not as good as the wide stance and box squats but good. Band rows after that. No issues, easy. Push-ups were alright. Right shoulder achy but not as bad as last week. Hip airplanes were pretty easy. Hips tight. Definitely needed these today. Then lifting things. First up log press in the rack. Seated with no back support. Idea being able to have the upper body move like it would if I was standing and not bracing against something. Goal being a top triple going up 20lbs a set. It was a little tricky to setup with the portable flat benches all being in use. Ended up using the step risers I use for box touches. Right shoulder didn’t particularly care for this today but it was like this last week with the axle stuff too. Dead stop on the pins every rep. Last set was tough. It was about what I expected to get with the exercise. Left the log in the rack for later and then on to pulldowns. This was to just be light stuff and only if it didn’t bother my biceps. I started with 50lbs and that felt ok and really light. I decided to just use that as a warm-up and took 30lbs jumps each set. 170lbs was my limit for today. I could feel my right biceps tensing up on some reps. I was doing my best to pull with my upper back on these. But definitely progress here. My biceps cramped up trying to put on a seatbelt last week. Little victories haha. Back to the log in the rack. Lockouts with back support. Listed this time as doing them with the log 1” above my head. I knew I could do a good deal more than I’ve been doing from sticking point presses but not sure how much and wanted to make sure the shoulder was ok with it so I started light and took 50lbs jumps. Felt like a small ROM but it definitely is more than the 6” ones I was doing for axle last week. Around 240lbs just moving the log on the pins was making my triceps sore. 340lbs was tough but not a 6RM for the day. I didn’t think 390lbs was going to go so I went half the distance and did 365lbs. Definitely a harder effort. Maybe a few pounds left. Then one last thing for the day. Machine bench press. Never used this model before. I suck at machine benching. I had the option of incline or regular but went with regular as I could probably do more weight and it might put less stress on the shoulder. Maybe. Idea with this was work the muscles like dumbbell pressing but take out the shouldering of the dumbbells so there was less worry of overdoing it on the biceps. The machine I was using had the ability to be one arm at a time so I little bit of carryover to the dumbbells. I started really light and then just went up quarter plate quarter doing sets of eight. Shoulder didn’t care for this either. I was doing my best to pull my shoulder blades down to protect the shoulder joint. Definitely noticed as I added weight that my right side was lagging behind slightly. But not as bad as it with dumbbells. Down for the day, home to stretch, apply Icy Hot to shoulder and eat pulled pork before hitting the hay.

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