Saturday, December 30, 2017

December 30, 2017 – Week 5, Day 3

5 Minutes Schwinn Airdyne Bike

Leaning Calf Raises

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

16” Box Squats

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

Band Rows


Hip Airplanes (supported)

Farmer’s Walk
With Turns (at 50’)
170x200’ in 35.58 seconds
220x100’ in 18.09 seconds

Frame Carries (1.5” handles, drops at 58’3”)

Sandbag Rows

Keg Load to Height (58”)

H-Stone Carry (off floor)
Turns at 50’
300x209’3” PR+22’6”
350x122’2” PR+16’10”


Comments: Got out early from work again due to New Year’s. This was unexpected but needed. I had not been going to sleep at a reasonable time. And the strongman gym was only going to be open for half the normal hours. So to bed real early (got a walk in) to be well rested and be able to get up early to go. But winter had other plans. A fair amount of snow meant I had to shovel the driveway. I made sure the gym was in fact open as I didn’t want to drive in winter advisory conditions for an hour after shoveling snow for 20 minutes to find no one there. It was a tricky drive out there but I got there safely. Airdyne bike as I have been doing. Legs feeling it. Could be from not doing as much walking to recover this week as I usually do. Calf raise stuff was good with mobility of ankles. Much less tightness. Had some pressure in my right palm. Wide box touches were crisp as were box squats. Even regular style box touches felt better, not like I was trying to hyperextend anything to get full ROM. Band rows were stupid easy and push ups were pretty good too. Again, some pressure in the palm. Hip airplanes were also good. Then event stuff. Way too much snow to shovel the entire back area of the gym and I was on a time limit with the gym closing 3 hours earlier than usual. So I was limited to what I could do with the farmer’s walk stuff. Plan was originally the same as last time with first set 200’ with turn at 100’ and the next set 100’ with turn at 50’. But I only had 50’ course. So I went the same distance but just did a bunch of turns. Tight quarters so these were not pretty turns. I felt slow on the first leg and tried to make up for it. I was about 4 second slower than last time but again, a lot more slowing down with all the turns. I put on the copper sleeve on my right biceps as the tight turns weren’t feeling so good. Second set was the same as last time but even with the same distance, the tight turn was tough. I did this without a hard belt or wrist wrap and I was almost 3 seconds faster than last time. Last set was to be max distance straight shot. That wasn’t going to work today. Turns would tax the grip but not allow me to get the leg work I wanted. Multiple picks with the farmer’s handles also no bueno. But Jenkins’ old frame was high pick and had slightly thicker handles. So I upped the weight due to the increased pick height and set to work. Really hard to control this thing to the ground. Like last time with the farmer’s walk, my grip held strong, just my legs got tired quicker and I slowed down. Ended up doing four picks and a bit over 200’. I was beat from that haha. I moved quickly on to sandbag rows. I had a plan here. Light set, medium set, heavy set. I was to do either 5lbs more than last time or add one more rep to the heavy set. I got greedy. I had 50lbs of lead shot in 25lbs bags that I had brought in to make loading the husafel stone easier/quicker and I figured they would be easy to just put on top of the heaviest sandbag. I also wanted to go heavy and go lower rep with the crushing strength. Light bag was really light. Medium bag was definitely making me do some work. Making the sandbag over 300lbs was a bridge too far right now. Only managed four reps. It was heavy. A bit of a change up from last time in replacing sandbag load with keg load. Challenging keg weight for ten reps in my own time. I set it up to not quite as high as I did the sandbag last time but I was using a keg heavier than the sandbag. I wasn’t looking forward to this. Getting it to the lap was the hardest part as it dragged across my shins. I took my time after the first four reps. I’m sure I could probably make this go faster was far as getting the keg to the lap but probably not repeatedly. The load itself is pretty easy with how the keg rolls. I didn’t want it going over the bar as it would roll away from me. Shins weren’t bleeding by the end, just red. Only one more thing to go, cutting it close. Husafel carries to end the session. Three working sets. I did the empty one for a quick run to drill in the idea of moving fast. Having seen Zydrunas Savickas sprinting with 180kgs on a similar implement, I knew I needed to keep thinking speed on this event for the show. Allegedly at the contest we will be starting away from the implement to start. For now, I want to stay close a secure with the implement with heavier weights. Goal for the working sets was to move fast but also go max distance. Also did the empty husafel as first working set was much heavier this time. I felt good with the first set. I felt like I went a good deal further over last time. Turns out I was right. Top set to be contest weight again but jumps were 25lbs instead of 50lbs with lighter start weight. Still felt strong with 325lbs but boy does that little bit of weight added cause a drop in the distance. Loaded up to contest weight for the last thing of the day. Felt secure and knew I had down and back in me. I didn’t have that feeling when I did this last time. Not sure if I could get this moving quicker. Legs were quite beat from today. Drive home much smoother with the roads mostly cleared. Stretched before decompressing the rest of the day.

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