Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 30, 2017 – Week 1, Day 1

5 Minutes Percor AMT

Leaning Calf Raises

One Leg Leaning Calf Raises

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

Band Rows w/Biceps Stretch
MBx25/10 seconds

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

Band Rows w/Biceps Stretch
MBx25/10 seconds

Hip Airplanes (supported)

Incline Bench Presses
1 Second Pauses

Chest Supported Rows (1 second holds)

Circus Dumbbell Clean and Presses
Plate Loaded Dumbbell with Fat Gripz Extreme
(3 stage 2 second pauses)
40x1 R
40x1 L
77x1 R
77x1 L
87x1 R
87x1 L
97x1 R
97x1 L
107x1 R
107x1 L
117x1 R
117x1 L
127x1 R
127x1 L
Circus Dumbbell
137x1 R
137x1 L
(competition style)
147x1 R
147x1 L
157x0 R
157x1 R
157x1 L
167x1 R
167x1 L
177x1 R
177x1 L
187x0 R
187x1 R
187x1 L
197x0 R
197x0 R
197x0 L
197x0 L


Comments: Start of a new cycle. Contest is starting to get real to me now. Event work on Saturday must have taken a lot out of me as my head was in a fog the past two days. Maybe it was the humidity as just walking around the neighborhood was exhausting. Definitely needed a day of rest to get things in order and catch up on sleep. Warmed up as per usual on the AMT. Heart rate got to 156bpm. Calf work followed. Set reps again based off of what I did last time. Definitely easier on the one side versus the other but definitely not as bad as I was doing the previous week with the lagging leg keeping up. Box touches and band rows with biceps stretch again. No aches on box touches. Some shoulder tightness on the stretch but seemed uniform between both sides. Gym was pretty packed so I had to use the cable crossover station for hip airplanes. Lost balance on one rep so I did another to ensure I got solid reps. Then weights after that. Incline bench up on deck. Working up in sets of five to a top set where I had good form (no egregious air humping). Big jumps to keep from taking away from the top set. I had looked at my videos from last cycle to try and determine a good point to aim for on these and I think I got it just right. I relaxed on the last rep and I brought the bar down too far on the chest so that made lockout a lot tougher than it needed to be. Dropped 10% and did another set of five. Also good. Another 10% off that for five with 1 second pauses. Quite a bit easier compared to the 2 second pauses haha. Chest supported rows with static holds after that. I was planning on a smaller increase in weight but went for the bigger jump and that seemed to be fine. Smooth and controlled. Circus dumbbell after that. Again, I knew this was going to be a late, late night session. Plan this time to be working up in 10lbs jumps to 1rm on each side, aiming for just a small PR over last session. A change being to work up with the push press pause and hold method until I felt it would hamper my competition style (jerk) lift. Additionally, the aim was at least ten single each side so that meant starting fairly light. Good to see I didn’t forget how to do the push press style from doing competition style for the past month. Went for just a little under my best push press style before switching to jerks. I had a little form issue with the first one on the switch with the right side. I think I hadn’t decided if I was going to try and beat my PR on the push press with holds or go with the jerk until I had it to my shoulder. Ended up pushing away from my head too much. But it was light enough to correct. Next set I again had issues with the right side. This time, I forgot to squeeze the handle as I launched it up but it wanted to roll out of my hand from the speed. Can’t forget to actively be holding the bell on the side. Quick breather and smashed it. Left side had no issues really other than some shifting on the shoulders. And the hits kept coming. Hit the 5lbs goal weight and kept going. 15lbs over went as well. 25lbs I barely missed so I took another, longer breather and came back and crushed it. Really happy with that as it matches my PR for my right side. Left side matched it (some wrist instability) for a small increase on that side. So I added more weight to try for 197lbs. At this point, the cleaning of the bell was taking a bit out of me. So very close to locking out the weight on the first attempt with the right side. I tried again but it was too alive on my shoulder that time so just put it back down. Gave it two attempts on the left side as well. Neither attempt was a close as my first attempt on the right side but the second attempt was closer. I generally don’t like to miss lifts but I know it is a bit different with circus dumbbell with how technical it is for me that even these misses are more or less “partial attempts” as each time I’ve come back to it since returning to training I’ve hit the misses and then some the next session. Got it to give it a try to make sure the weight isn’t a form issue and is truly too heavy. So I’m hitting above contest weight with both arms so I’m very pleased with where I am and knowing I got a little over two months to go is encouraging. Home to stretch and eat.

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