Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 28, 2017 – Week 4, Day 1

5 Minutes Percor AMT

Leaning Calf Raises

One Leg Leaning Calf Raises

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

Hip Airplanes (supported)

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

Hip Airplanes (supported)

12” Log Viper Presses

Chest Supported Rows

Dead Floor Presses


Comments: I felt ok before the workout today but as soon as I left work my back got all tense. Not sure what that was about. Didn’t seem to be an issue while I was at the gym though. Warm up on the AMT. Felt good and easy. Heart rate at 155bpm. Calf work after that. The dual leg style is pretty easy compared to the one leg style. My “strong leg” seems to be having a harder time with these compared to the “weak leg”. Box touches with wide stance after that. Little achy but felt alright. A new exercise after that was hip airplanes. Pretty much attempting to work the hip mobility to see if perhaps something is still not firing correctly. Not satisfied with how I am being the new normal. I watched several videos to try and get the form down. Balance is tough on the lower legs (especially the “weak side”) so these were done with me holding the power rack for support. Will just have to see how these go. Regular box touches and then more hip airplanes after that. Then on to the weights. Viper pressing again on the agenda. Same warm-up with the dumbbells. Attempted to adjust the form from last time to be less of a hip hinge and more like how the actual lift with the log is. No spine jolt on these like last time haha. I had to slow things down a little on the set with 30lbs as there was just the one not in use and I had to put magnets on a 25lbs one to have a set to use. The first set with the log wasn’t the best. It was light but the drive form the hips was getting me off balance on the first two reps. I got it corrected by the last rep though. Then on to the working sets. Increased the weight with the aim for five singles done EMOM style. Aim for smooth reps, no excessive force. Definitely not as easy as last time but the weight had been increased. Since there were no issues, the next thing was to go for two heavier singles. The first one, I felt like I had the log too far away in the lap. Looked fast on video though. Don’t want the log to get out in front of me as that wouldn’t be good for the back. The next one, I made sure it was close but I think I hesitated on the hip drive so it was a bit slower of a lift. Still somewhat comfortable a lift. Technically the most I’ve done on this variation of log lift but this is also only the fourth time I’ve done it and the previous two sessions from years ago I was doing it wrong. From there, on to chest supported rows. Same as last time I went heavy; light warm-up and then five sets of five up to a smooth set of five. Aim being 10lbs more than last time. First work set told me that I would crush it as long as I kept my form tight. As I went up in weight, I made sure I was bracing the midsection. I was feeling a little ache from the two heavier viper presses. Feel good for more on these rows. Dead floor presses to finish off the session. Five sets of three with weights based off of percentages of the 1rm from last cycle. The way it worked out was going for the 3rm from last cycle as well. All the sets were pretty easy. No psyche up needed. I was briefly entertaining not using wrist wraps for the last set to make it more challenging but I figured I’d use them and just crush the weight. I feel like I could have made that a set of five or six if needed. Home to stretch and eat.

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