Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 12, 2017 – Week 1, Day 3

5 Minutes Sled Drag (55lbs for .25 miles)

Leaning Calf Raises

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

Band Rows w/Biceps Stretch
MBx25/10 seconds

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

Band Rows w/Biceps Stretch
MBx25/10 seconds

Minute Runs
307x50’ in 6.73 seconds
307x50’ in 6.57 seconds
307x50’ in 6.28 seconds
307x50’ in 6.70 seconds
307x50’ in 6.64 seconds

Stone of Steel (57”)
Over Bar


Comments: This was going to be an interesting workout. New exercises for upper body to help get blood flow going as well as two events that would put stress on the stuff that I injured. One of the exercises being the one where the injury occurred (not necessarily the exercise/reason that caused it). Extra day between the second workout and third workout this time due to family obligation. I think I needed it with how much work my lower back did last workout haha. Anxious but excited for this one. Did something different for warm-up. I could have gone to the gym to use a machine but it felt like a waste of gas since I would be doing everything else at home. I had done some thinking on my rest days and figured I could just go for five minute sled drag. Just used my empty push-pull sled and truck pull harness and took a walk around the block (about .25 miles). Felt good if a little noisy haha. Just about 2 seconds over 5 minutes to complete the lap. Heart rate only got up to 146bpm but was closer to a little over 135bpm for most of it. After that was calf raises. Ankle flexibility felt good and almost rhythmic movements on these. Little fatigue by the last 3-5 reps. Didn’t have a box for box touches so I stacked scrap wood to the appropriate height. Wide stance felt pretty good. New exercise for upper body was band rows followed by a biceps stretch. Only a mini band for the rows, starting slow, feeling the muscles and getting a good range of motion and feeling the shoulder structures working and moving. Little stretch after the set (using my heavier yoke) for the biceps. Repeated the sequence again but with the regular style box touches. Might have held the stretch a little longer this time as I forgot I was to count it haha. Now on to the body beating event work. Pretty much as light as possible, making sure that everything is cool. First test being to see if the movement hurts or if it is the weight. Unexpectedly, I also got a bit of information on how my body will handle travel to competition. Had to be in the car as a passenger for a little over 2 hours twice yesterday. Not painful but not comfortable to be like that. No show is really that short of a distance (only one that was 15 minutes away was my first show ever in 2008). So I have some idea of what to expect with a longer trip or being on a plane (No idea when I was last in one of those, maybe 2000). Anyways, on to the event work. Yoke to start off the party. Empty yoke for two sets and then working weight for five sets with a minute rest. I was to only do 300lbs but it was easier to just put a plate each side on the yoke. No issues with the empty yoke. I was cautious getting the thing out of the garage and assessing with each step how it felt. Goal was to pick and walk aggressively while keeping my core tight. Speed not as big a focus but I still tried to go as fast as possible with short choppy steps. Treating it as if I were doing a heavy weight in contest. At least how I hope to make it look haha. Knees were a little achy the first two sets but go better as I did the runs. Third run was my fastest run. Then on to stone of steel work. I actually weighed it to make sure I was accurate. I had thought it was only 120lbs when I first was using it but I had heard it could be up to 145lbs empty. Turns out it was 138lbs so 18lbs PR on what I was previously doing. Goal for this session was do a set of 10 with the empty stone of steel to a height that required me to reach triple extension. On top of that, I was to treat this as a heavy weight with no one motions and to try and crush the bejesus out of it. I got some new things in preparation for this. Most arrived (crash pad, receiver gloves) so it was good to test these out. While height to one thing should be the same, I figured it was best to practice over bar at this time. I rarely have issues when it is stone load to platform but sometimes I do with over bar. This was a lung buster. Chest and upper back worked hard on the isometric crushing and lower back was feeling it on the extension. Breathing was tough with the constant crushing and I was surprised I was a bit winded by the end of it. I know I can do more and go faster so that is awesome. No grip issues at all. Got a little love tap on the last rep when the stone came back to me haha. Stretched and cooled down. Good to be touching implements again, even if very light. Hopefully this nor’easter doesn’t shut everything down this week.

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