Saturday, December 10, 2016

Physical Therapy: Week 9 (kind of)

This week has been kind of weird. Don't know if I can really call what I did this week physical therapy. I'm looking forward to starting some form of training. Follow was done with the ortho and he feels that I wouldn't get any benefit from additional physical therapy sessions. Given the go ahead to start slow. Hard to tell if the figures being used are literal ("I'd rather you lift 10lbs 100 times then 100lbs 10 times") or just exaggeration to emphasis lighter exercising for now. He also said no squats/deadlifts but that appears to even be the case if I was healthy so taken with a grain of salt really. However, I fully understand that going against medical advice would be on me. Since the last post, this is what I have done every day since:

20 press-ups
20 nerve glides for legs, shoulders and forearms
static stretching for hamstrings, hip flexors, and quads

After Work
2 mile walk
60 press-ups
2 minutes massage on hamstrings
1 minute massage on calves
30 kettlebell sumo deadlifts (30lbs total)
20 one arm kneeling presses (15lbs)
kettlebell farmer's walk (1,000' with 15lbs a hand)

10 press-ups
20 nerve glides for legs, shoulders and forearms

The only times I didn't do this exact workout was on the first day when I did more exercises (everything the PT was having me do) and on Tuesday as it was raining a lot so the outside stuff was scrapped. I had planned to do more exercises to keep in line with the PT stuff but I seemed to have slightly strained my right oblique muscle doing one of the abdominal drills so I cut out most everything to keep from aggravating it. Starting tomorrow, I will be starting my training with Mr. Westerling. The first actual workout won't be until 12/13/16 but I will be returning to what I was doing as far as supplementation (BCCAs, Creatine, Glucosamine and PlayAgain Now). I will probably be holding off on weight gainer at this time and use if on weekends as I realized that even without it, I'm eating between 4,000 and 6,000 calories a day. As most of what I'm going to be doing is bodyweight stuff for the lower body for the next two weeks, it doesn't make sense to up the calories another 2,000 right now.

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