Thursday, April 9, 2015

April 8, 2015 – Week 7, Day 2

Dynamic Warm-ups

Hatfield Overload Squats

Glute Ham Raises

785x60’ in 17.16 seconds
785x60’ in 14.91 seconds
785x60’ in 15.13 seconds

Keg Over Bar (57”)
240x3 (keg broke)

31 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: A bit more organized this time with what I was doing. Started out at Max Fitness. I was hoping to try a different rack but it was in use so I went with the one I used last time. I put down some mats to match the block of wood to make the floor flat and that worked like a charm for the Hatfield squats. I was definitely cautious with how my knee was feeling. It was actually bothering me more to unrack then to actually squat so once I got that sorted out, I was golden. Tough but not as hard as it was last week. I feel like this bar pitches me forward more than the one I use at the Y. Moved on to ghrs and they felt great. Easiest these have felt in a long while. Home for the ugly stuff. Again, watched the knee when I picked up the weight on yoke. I thought I had left my belt at the gym and I had to improvise (until I found it for the last set). Regardless, it reminded me of something I was told when I had gone to compete at the Pro/Am in Louisiana. I had forgotten to pack my moving event shoes. I was questioned if I was truly trying to turn Pro as it was something I could have prevented. Rattles in my head time to time. No excuses. First run of yoke started off slow but I picked up speed near the end. Felt my speed was very good on the other two working sets. Definitely noticing the yoke flexing as I pick up the weight with the single crossbar. Keg loads started out good. First time using my gloves on this and it seemed to work fine and protect my hands more. I was making it look stupid easy and barely breathing after the first set. Some gravel was spilling out of a crack in the wood top but I kept going. Then the top broke off on the third rep of the second set and the gravel just poured out of it. I believe I can fix it this weekend but I didn’t have the time and stuff to fix it mid workout. Only options were to use the sandbag or go with the heavy keg. I went with the heavy keg. I wasn’t able to get the required reps but I put in work. Loads of stretching afterwards.

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