Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 07, 2014 – Week 1, Day 3

Dynamic Warm-ups

15" Pick Farmer's Holds
235x30 seconds
255x30 seconds
275x30 seconds
295x30 seconds
315x30 seconds

Circus Dumbbell Rows (straps)

Prowler Pushes

25 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Did not want to wake up today. Legs and abs were sore and seriously thinking about taking another day off to rest. But no, had to train. Started off the day with farmer's holds with my Rouge handles. Lots of 30 second holds. Usually for hold events, I'll do light short holds until I get to the weight I want to do and go all out there so this was a little different and built up quite a bit of fatigue. Easier to do these in the garage so it was quite hot in there. I didn't want to go by my own head counting on these so I had help with timing. Not bad, could have held on to the last set a little bit longer I'm sure but might have lost some skin in my left hand if I did. Drove over to the Y for rows. Awkward doing circus dumbbell rows and left side is noticeably weaker than the right with the grip and wrist strength. My clips I had were loose so just had to keep it balanced so the weights wouldn't come off of it. I was then able to get my hollow thick bar and cambered squat bar out of storage before heading home to do prowler pushes. Some what short rest and aimed for short, choppy steps. Had to stop briefly after two sets to get a caterpillar off my course. Sleep for days.

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