Saturday, November 2, 2013

November 01, 2013 – ME UB

Strained a muscle in my lower back doing overhead stuff yesterday. Hopefully a day of rest will be enough for it to calm down so I can get in one last event session before the contest. Still debating training with Jenkins for now considering some of the progress I've made on my own for overhead and events. Next weeks plan is to do 160x4x4 and 180x2x2 on dumbbell and aim for 625-675 on 6" block pulls with no suit. I figure those weights could be my openers on the max lifts. All assistance work will be the same and then super easy week of the contest.

Dynamic Warm-ups

Close Grip Barbell Incline Bench Presses
300x1 PR+10lbs
310x1 PR+20lbs
320x1 PR+30lbs

Axle Strict Presses w/116lbs of Chains
165x4 PR+14lbs

EZ Curl Bar Skull Crushers

Chest Supported Rows


26 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: This week went better than expected considering the new stresses of my promotion. Thinking about the contest and the future aren't a good mix haha. Today's plan was to do some pressing. First option was floor press; the rack was in use for squatting. Next option was board press; the only bench I that doesn't require me to unrack the weights from midway was in use. Screw it, time for some incline. Incline has been notoriously sucky for me and very much a speed lift. If the bar speed isn't enough to make it past the dead zone sticking point, the lift dies. I felt okay so I thought I could get 300lbs to match my 400lbs bench. I knew it was happening with how easy 285lbs went up. 300lbs was a bit tougher than I would have liked but I felt I had some more in the tank. I didn't think I could get 3 plates so I added just 10lbs. I don't like adding 5-10lbs on lifts. I was pretty amped at this point and made short work of it, really surprising myself. What the hell, another 10lbs. It felt much the same as 310lbs but I called it there. Moved on to chain pressing. Used to do these a lot in the past so a bit rusty. I'll have to be smarter next time with my start weights and jumps. 150lbs felt good but 165lbs was too much. My back didn't appreciate the straining but I felt alright and went through the rest of the workout. Skull crushers are starting to get challenging and it is getting tough to keep from using more slop. Rows felt nice and finished up with the usually shoulder stuff and stretching. My back felt like crap once I relaxed though and hopefully it shuts up soon.

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