Friday, June 16, 2017

June 15, 2017 – Week 3, Day 2

5 Minutes Percor AMT

Leaning Calf Raises

One Leg Leaning Calf Raises

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

Band Rows w/Biceps Stretch
MBx25/10 seconds

Squat Therapy (16” Box)

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

Band Rows w/Biceps Stretch
MBx25/10 seconds

Hip Airplanes (supported)

16” Front Box Squats


Band Side Bends


Comments: Cold is going away. Whatever was going on with the upper back and shoulder on my left side has also lessened. This workout is a lot less intense right now for these next four weeks with the increased event stuff on Saturdays. Still quite warm and humid but definitely a lot more tolerable than it was the first half of this week haha. Started out with the AMT. Heart rate was only up to 146bpm. Calf raises were pretty easy. Compared to what I was doing last week that is. Going from one to the next with no rest. Hamstrings were really tight on regular style box touches. Still felt good. Band rows felt better compared to the first workout this week. Shoulders were definitely tight on the biceps stretches. Squat therapy was pretty good, barely any aches in the right knee. Second run through of box touches (sumo style), band rows and biceps stretch was good too. Hip airplanes were tough on my injured side. Kept losing balance so I ended up doing a few more than written. No issues with the other side. Then on to the weights. Only weighted exercise for the session was front box squats. Slight adjustment from what was previously being done. Still the same kind of weight jumps but now similar to how box squats have been with aiming for a top set of 1-3 reps depending on how I feel. I figured it was best to get used to the hard belt on these as well so I put on the rehband belt for the last set before the working set and then the hard belt for the top set. Felt heavier working up compared to last time haha. Top set, the weight moved easy but I know I need to get used to breathing with the weight on my clavicle as there is a lot of pressure and I don’t want to pass out. I should get better at it. Moved right into ab work after that. No real cramping like last week so that was good. Home to stretch, eat and sleep.

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