Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 7, 2016 – Week 6, Day 3

Dynamic Warm-ups

Super Set: Face Down Rear Delt Swings /Head Supported Bent Over Lateral Raises (1 second holds)

Crucifix Holds
25’sx40 seconds
20’sx40 seconds
15’sx40 seconds

Lying Dumbbell Front Raises (3 second negatives)

Dumbbell Pause Bench Presses (1 second pauses)

EZ Curl Bar Triceps Extensions (5 second negatives)

Rope Triceps Pushdowns (400 total reps, 10 seconds rest)

38 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Very sore going into this workout. Getting over the DOMS from Tuesday’s workout and experiencing peak pain from Thursday’s workout DOMS nicely. Legs are hard and feel like they are stuffed with angry and confused jellyfish. I knew this workout wouldn’t make me puke but I figured it would make my shoulders and triceps beyond sore. A soreness I couldn’t contemplate and wouldn’t know the full depth of until days later. Lots of assistance and high rep stuff with dumbbells so I really wasn’t sure how to warm-up. I figured that only the heavy stuff would really need it as the other stuff would warm-up me up pretty quick. First up was an upper back/rear delt match made in hell. First was a momentum based dumbbell swing with a hefty dumbbell and it was followed up by rear delt raises with holds at the top. I’ve done momentum based stuff for rear delts and upper back in the past to help with stones. I’d seen the swings done before but never really knew how to implement them. My upper back and shoulders got warm pretty darn fast into the first set. I knew it would be much harder each set that went by. Slight rest pausing on the lateral raises on the last two sets to finish. Then onto crucifix holds. Not a lot of weight here compared to what I’ve done in contests but it was more of an extended drop set. Fatigue built upon fatigue. By the end of these, I was happy for the timer to go off haha. Then another new one with the lying dumbbell front raises. Slight incline as my arms are so long. The extended eccentric was killer. I got through the first set with no issues but ended up doing a spit take at how short the rests between sets were on these. The other sets took a lot more effort and the reps were not all in one go. Then on to some standard lifting; paused dumbbell bench. I was cautious with this since last time my energy was sapped and I had to lower the weight quite a bit from the recommended range. These went quite a bit better. Right side was definitely lagging in the lockout. Would have been a struggle trying to get more reps here I think. Then triceps with extended negatives. Thankfully, the reps decreased as I went. No joint issues. I knew it was easier than expected here because of the finisher; 400 reps total of rope triceps pushdowns with 10 seconds rest between sets of failure. This was going to take a while. I really surprised myself with how many I got on that first set. This was a long long exercise and I think I got blisters on my fingers and hands from it. I think the rope took quite a beating as well. I really don’t know what is going to happen when I wake up tomorrow to my triceps. Lots of stretching. One more workout to finish this crazy week.

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