Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 8, 2016 – Test Day – Deadlift

Deadlift has been feeling good this cycle, especially my double overhand without straps pulls. Confidence has been up and I’ve been able to pull over 600lbs in the last few weeks twice. In the past, this was usually a once in every two or three months. Granted, I still felt slow off the floor with my straps but I knew I was getting stronger and that all lifts this cycle had not been all the way into my max intensity and focus. Going into this workout, I even had the audacity to think I could pull a lifetime PR, not just a post-injury one.

Dynamic Warm-ups

Added Straps

35 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Lead up was not ideal stress level wise. Unneeded stress but my hope had been it would be agitation enough to help me pull with even more vigor. Straps were on much sooner than last time I did this about a year ago to grease the groove on the pulls. I felt slower than I would have liked. I will say that 600lbs felt the easiest it has ever felt. Definitely not super easy but I still felt that a lifetime PR could happen. I got set and pulled. It moved and it felt like I would be able to grind through. But it stopped and I knew it was over for today. Disappointed but I wasn’t feeling the usual deep devastation I feel when I fail a deadlift. The confidence it there though. I did notice that the bar seemed to wander out in front of me a little after the initial break off the ground. This is only the second time I’ve ever attempted this weight before. I feel that 635lbs would have gone today. Time to rest and get ready for the next thing.

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