Monday, October 12, 2015

Next Cycle and 2016

Well, 2015 competitive season is done and in the books. Ended up doing two shows and one of them was Nationals. Also managed to finally clean and press 300lbs on a log not just in training but in contest. That has been a big hurdle for me. Unlike past years, I don’t feel like I’ve regressed and I feel like I’m slowly climbing up the ladder. Which leads to the next cycle. After discussion with Coach Bryant, I’m going into offseason training with a focus on hypertrophy and strength for the next few months. Plan at the end is to test my max on push press, strict press, deadlift and hatfield squat. So no more contests for 2015 and probably none until late Spring or early Summer next year. Now this will change if I get an invite to the 2016 Arnold and all energy will be put towards that endeavor. It’s a world championship, so why not? Working on the long term gains. So a lot more gym work, more reps and no event training. My Left ankle and right knee are still a bit sore from Nationals so I’m not really fighting back on the no events for now haha. I really want to get to deadlifting 700lbs by the end of 2016 and I know this is tall order. Off season is about a month earlier than it was last year but then again, I was injured and getting back into it. Ideally, I won’t need as long of a prep cycle for a contest (unless it is a pro/am) with the base strength I’ve gained. Been taking it real easy this past week; working, eating and going for brisk walks. Training for 2016 starts tomorrow.

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