Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 05, 2014 – Week 7, Day 3 & September 06, 2014 – Week 7, Day 4

September 05, 2014 – Week 7, Day 3

Dynamic Warm-ups

Close Grip Barbell 3-Board Presses

Barbell Floor Presses
315x6 PR+1 rep

Seated Smith Machine Presses

Super Set: Dumbbell Front Raises/Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Band Triceps Pushdowns (100 total)

27 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: I was debating what height board I should be pressing to this week and it was between the 3-board and the 4-board. I think I ultimately went with the 3-board as it was more likely for me to ht a PR on that as my best was 390lbs which is less than my best bench press of 400lbs, where as my best 4-board is 420lbs. I know I'm not at my best bench wise and my triceps and elbows are taking a beating with the new training setup to fix my upper body weakness. Honestly, didn't feel bad, didn't put on wraps until after 355lbs for my wrists. I took too big of a jump trying for 4 plates a side when it would have been smarter to just go for a 5lbs increase. I knew I was going to have issues as soon as I unracked it as my right elbow cracked like when you pop your knuckles. So that sucked haha but I know I could have been my PR if I went smaller. Trying to keep the missed reps to a minimum to keep me more positive. Moved on to floor pressing, always feels weird with the wider grip. Shoulders didn't like the first set one bit but were quiet after that. I got out of my groove on the last set so I racked the weight after four and popped out two more to finish. Tried out a new exercise with the smith machine and it really makes the shoulders work so now really able to pile on the weights here. I may need to make adjustments to what I do the other week for the shoulder machine press. Finished up with the high rep stuff. No stops on the lateral raises like last time so I'll be increasing the weight a small amount with the micro weights. Not sure if my triceps were just that beat but adding a bit more band tension made it a lot tougher.

September 06, 2014 – Week 7, Day 4

Dynamic Warm-ups

Atlas Stone Over Bar (55")

Comments: It doesn't look like a lot and usually when I post up a workout like this, it ends with me saying it sucked, I injured myself or a left because I was disgusted with my weakness. That is not the case this time. I wanted to test out my biceps on stones so that meant I needed to get up early and head down Colosseum Gym in Maryland. Now, I have access to stones here but I went there because the stones are well used so less slip factor, smaller jumps from the light to heavy and there were sure to be other people there to help me do stones such as film and possibly feed me the stone if I did reps. I forget about the dead time traveling to a gym for events and I was thinking about the missed attempt the day before and how the journey to being a pro strongman is looking like a steeper and steeper climb every day. Well, I arrived and got warmed up. Contest height will be 52" but I always like training above so I did the stones to 55". I usually don't have access to stone over bar, usually it is to a platform I need to deload the weight myself. To be honest, stone over bar sometimes throws me off because I worry that I'm too close to the bar (I've hit the back my head on the bar more than once) so it probably is best for me to get practice here. I did two sets for warm-up a proceeded to do singles with no added tacky to my arms; just using what was already on the stones. I added tacky for 440lbs and got it with a struggle. Held my breath too long there fighting and almost blacked out afterwards. No pain so I think my arm is good to go. I went in to two sets with 350lbs (contest weight) for reps. Definitely not my best performance. I'd like to say that I was tired from this weeks beltless snatch grip deads but I know that was not the only factor. The truth is I'm not in shape at this point. I noticed that was still hesitant to pick up the stone and that my abs were cramping big time on the extensions. I was also a big ole sweaty mess. I got two more possible sessions to hit stones so that should improve to contest performance level by then. As for the rest of the day, I drove up to the York Fair and tried throwing cabers for like an hour. No idea what they weighed but I'll grade them as branch, telephone pole and tree. I managed to get the branch flipped but no luck with the telephone pole. I tried shouldering the tree but wasn't happening. I was beat when I got home.

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